Steel cladding


Alisolutions offer only the best quality steel roof and wall cladding solutions for individuals and businesses across Dorset and Hampshire.

Our steel cladding experts can visit your business or personal premises and advise on the perfect steel cladding specifications for your needs. With so many previous clients and case studies, we are confident that we can provide the best service tailored for your business or home.

Some of the benefits of having durable steel walls and steel roofs in a corrugated framework are precipitation repellency, to create a wildlife barrier, durability and of course peace of mind.

    Our Steel Cladding is perfect for:

  • Industrial Exterior Walls and Roofs
  • Small Business Walls and Roofs
  • Individual out house buildings and Garages

Whether you have an industrial sized farm building, a small industrial building or a small out house on your property, you need look no further than alisolutions steel cladding. Steel cladding is perfect for offering a functional and utilitarian performance to a building’s structure. This in turn benefits the buildings contents especially if valuable or important. Corrugated steel could save your contents from an external fire or even adverse weather conditions.


alisolutions steel cladding is only produced from the finest steel, you can feel safe in the knowledge that it will offer excellent long-term performance and be governed by only the most comprehensive guarantees. With this you also get the added bonus of steel being extremely low maintenance. You won’t need to re-paint or reapply this material periodically as it has enormous strength and resilience against external elements like the weather or man made interference.

Please contact us today for more information about our steel roof and steel wall products and services.

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