glass canopies


Ideal for providing a covering for outdoor spaces whether a terrace, patio or veranda. Achieve the weather protection you need whilst enjoying the natural light and uninterrupted views that only a glass canopy can offer.

Glass canopies have also been employed at entrances to great effect. The option of straight or curved glass ensures that integration with the building design is sympathetic. A choice of glass types is open to anyone wishing to install a canopy whether that be laminated or toughened for that extra strength and security.

“Our glass canopies employ stylish aluminium framing to achieve a minimalistic and contemporary aesthetic coupled with the corrosion-free, maintenance-free properties of aluminium extrusions.”

Glass canopies are becoming increasingly popular in temperate climates due to their practicality and the fact that no shadow is cast into the house itself, maximising light penetration. Users have been benefiting from increased enjoyment of their outdoor spaces for much more of the year than ever before.

alisolutions have experience in designing and constructing canopies all over the sunny South and South West including Bournemouth, Southampton, Bristol and Yeovil

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