alisolutions offer a wide range of automatic door systems that best meet your home or office automatic door needs.

Our automatic door system engineers will visit your commercial or private site to discuss the best automated doors for your space and purpose.

    The electric doors that we predominantly deal with are:

  • Sliding Doors
  • Curved Sliding Doors
  • Revolving Doors
  • Swinging Doors

Our automatic door systems are constructed using materials that will ensure our automatic doors are stylish, secure and efficient.  The wide range of automatic door choices that we offer will help us to give you options on what type of automated doors to use. Our knowledge of all the main automatic door types will also mean that the doors we fit will be the most relevant to your private or commercial property requirements.


alisolutions offer a range of different sliding doors to meet your automatic door requirements. Our sliding doors provide security and safety for your staff and customers. The automated doors that we offer are perfect for your office or shop and ensure customers can gain easy and safe access to your store.


If you are looking for automatic doors that are visually stunning, our curved sliding doors could be the perfect thing for you. Our automatic door systems can be designed to curve inwards or outwards in semi-circular segments.


The revolving doors that we have available are perfect for low to high volume usage. Our electric doors offer an entrance doorway that is accessible for disabled users and meet the Disability Discrimination Act.


Our swinging door systems are ideal for offices and shops. The automated door systems we offer can be operated by a sensor, secure keypad or button.

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