Aluminium cladding by alisolutions
Aluminium cladding - Alisolutions

Service Overview

alisolutions brings this traditional method of cladding into the 21st century.

Whether transforming tired looking or dated structures or working with architects to create stunning contemporary buildings, alisolutions has experience providing aluminium cladding solutions to all types of clients throughout the South and South West.

“Protective, Weatherproof, Long Lasting, Low maintenance, Aesthetically Pleasing and easy to clean.”

The benefits of wall cladding with Aluminium are multi-fold. Firstly the protective properties of high grade aluminium reduce maintenance costs. The slow but steady weather corrosion of many building materials is prevented by introducing a protective layer of aluminium cladding. The inherent resilience of aluminium to corrosive forces keeps the surface fresh, clean and looking new for many years

“Cladding from Ali Solutions is resilient and practical but also looks modern. It can completely transform the look and feel of a structure.”

We can offer a huge range of colours to suit your company identity or tastes. Single tone, to multiple colours, the choice is yours. The finish won’t chip or peel like painted surfaces due to the anodizing process and will not fade over time to guarantee that perfect finish for years to come.

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